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Gahanna Contact Lenses

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Contact lenses in Gahanna

There has never been a better time to choose contacts. Lens technology has brought us to the point where they provide the sharpest and clearest vision possible, along with optimal comfort that would have been undreamed of just a few short years ago. At Berk Eye Care Center, we are pleased to make available both types: soft and gas-permeable, with the varieties to ensure you get exactly what suits your needs and preferences.

When it comes to comparing our Gahanna contact lenses to eyeglasses, neither is necessarily superior to the other. What it comes down to is what you value. For example, if you like the idea of having your appearance unchanged, along with the privacy of wearing corrective eyewear that no one else sees, contacts are the way to go. There’s also something distinctly more natural about the vision you get with them. That’s because our Gahanna contact lenses rest right up against your eyes. And whereas eyeglasses hinder your peripheral (side-to-side) vision somewhat, contacts don’t at all. Now you can get them to correct astigmatism and for multifocal uses. Among the options you have to select from are daily wear, extended wear, disposable, and color-changing. With daily wear, you can keep them in for up to 18 hours. Extended wear can remain in longer, even overnight. Both do need to be cleaned so that they are prepared for the next use. For maintenance-free lenses, pick disposable. Wear them once and just throw them out. And with color-changing, you can have the pleasure of trying out an entirely new eye color. You can even wear them strictly for fun, without any vision correction in them whatsoever.

Book an appointment for an examination by reaching out to our office. Get the right prescription for our Gahanna contact lenses and begin the positive experience of wearing them every day.

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