Gahanna glaucoma

Gahanna Glaucoma

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Glaucoma eye care in Gahanna

It’s always best to get the bad news out of the way first. Glaucoma is an eye disease that is not curable. But there’s good news so stay with us. It is treatable and manageable, especially when diagnosed early. Here at Berk Eye Care Center, our glaucoma care consists of yearly screenings, and timely attention in the event that the results of testing are positive. By trusting your care to us, you don’t have to suffer any undue consequences of this condition.

The reason that an annual visit for screening is so important is that there are no obvious signs of Gahanna glaucoma during its early stages. And by the time symptoms do become noticeable, it may be too late for prevention. Don’t take the risk of damage to your optic nerve, vision loss, or blindness, all of which are often irreversible. The reason why you get Gahanna glaucoma in the first place is that your eyes are creating more fluid than they are draining. This leads to an increase in fluid that raises internal eye pressure. So the goal is to diagnose it before any damage has happened, and then to identify and implement a way to correct the fluid imbalance. When you come in for an eye examination, one of the key tests you will have is called tonometry, and it measures your eye pressure. Additional tests, including optical photos, are often done to reach a conclusive determination. Three treatments comprise the most common options. One if eye drops that reduce fluid production. The others are surgical: either a laser procedure designed to improve fluid drainage, or microsurgery to create a new drainage channel.

Don’t let Gahanna glaucoma get the better of you. Just reach out to our office now and we will book a convenient time for you to come in for an examination and testing.

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