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When your body identifies a threat to your health, it reacts. That’s the source of eye allergies, and in fact, all allergies. At Berk Eye Care Center, you can get relief for the frustration, discomfort, and overall misery when allergies affect your eyes.

The symptoms that will drive you to come in for an appointment with our Gahanna optometrist include watery eyes, burning and itching in your eyes, redness, and swollen eyelids, sometimes also accompanied by nasal symptoms. The way to address the problem is typically a combination of medication along with changes to your environment and your lifestyle so that you are less likely to suffer the indications of eye allergies. Furthermore, our Gahanna optometrist wants to help you avoid recurrences. You may be able to get the results you want from over-the-counter allergy medication off the shelf of your local drug store or supermarket. This is especially so when your symptoms are mild. Since there are several common types, you should stick with one that you’ve had success with in the past, if applicable. Otherwise, our office can make a recommendation. If prescription strength drugs are better suited to your individual circumstances, our eye doctor will see to it that you get them. But it’s also important to take a close look around you at the things that could be making your eye allergies worse. If there is a high pollen count, keep those windows tightly shut and use air-conditioning. Examine your bedding, including your mattress. Sheets, blankets, comforters, pillow cases, etc. should be laundered in water that is at least 130 degrees. And consider replacing an older mattress, because they can harbor allergens.

Don’t sit around waiting for your eye allergies to be alleviated on their own. Schedule an appointment to be examined, evaluated, and treated by our Gahanna optometrist.

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