Gahanna pediatric optometrist

Gahanna Pediatric Optometrist

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Pediatric eye care in Gahanna

Gahanna pediatric optometrist
Gahanna pediatric optometrist

Here at Berk Eye Care Center, your child will get eyeglasses to address nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. These refractive conditions, left untreated, can slow his or her progress in school an even have a negative impact on social development. It’s essential that she or he have the best vision possible. In addition, our Gahanna pediatric optometrist screens for common eye diseases and problems; ones which are related to overall eye health and long term vision.

Amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed eyes), dyslexia, and color blindness are examples of issues that are common in children. In addition, cataracts and glaucoma, eye diseases most typically associated with adults, develop and progress in children, too. Even infants are susceptible and can even be born with cataracts. The most alarming aspect of cataracts and glaucoma is that they don’t have any obvious symptoms in their early stages. It is only when they become advanced that indications become more noticeable. Once that stage has been reached, some degree of vision loss or eye damage has probably occurred, and they may not be reversible. The good news, though, is that our Gahanna pediatric optometrist diagnoses cataracts and glaucoma, even in the early stage, as part of a routine eye exam, which every child should have prior to beginning school, and at least every other year after that. Regarding how well your child sees, it is happily surprising just how much of a difference the right prescription for eyeglasses can make in counteracting deficiencies in being able to see clearly and sharply. Your child will have greater confidence and self-esteem. And you will have the peace of mind to know that he or she is experiencing the highest level of vision that she or he is capable of achieving.

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